Is a virtual check just as safe as an in-person check/installation?


Your child's safety is my top priority! 

As a CPST-I, my mandate is to educate you, the parent/caregiver, so you can install the car seat yourself. I am experienced at doing this virtually, and I am pleased with how well these appointments have been going!

Remember, car seats are made to be installed by YOU. You can do it, and I am here to help you do it properly. If you are unable to physically install the car seat, please let me know and we can figure out a way to safely ensure your car seat is properly installed.

If the installation is not able to be completed virtually, I will come to you (if you're within the service area) for only the price difference between a virtual and in-person install.

A typical virtual install


I gather information: your seat name, vehicle type, age of your child. 


We decide on a date, time, and video call platform for our call.


We say "hello!" and I ask you to show me the manufacturer's sticker on the seat for our records.


I explain how how all the buttons, latches and knobs on your seat work and what they do.


I guide you through every step of the installation. Sometimes it takes a couple tries!


I have you test the seat for tightness and watch you do this until it's just right!


I teach you how to properly secure your child into the seat.


I make sure you have my phone number and am available for continuing help if you need it later.


I sign and email your car seat check form to you... the same one you'd get at an on-site installation!